The Soil Collective - WELCOME!

Welcome to the Soil Collective!

We're on a mission - to save the soil, and in doing so save humanity at the same time.

We believe that human health and soil health cannot function separate, therefore we aim to educate and empower the collective on regenerative health and healing solutions.

We hope you find joy, peace and healing this Holiday season, and we can't wait for what's to come in 2022.

Kristyn, Logan and Nicole have a ton of episodes prepared for you, and hope you come along with us for the journey as we start to awaken the collective from the slumber we've been living in for quite some time.

Enjoy this trailer, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @thesoilcollective_


About the Podcast

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The Soil Collective
Regenerative Agriculture & Regenerative Health

About your hosts

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Nicole Haines

Nicole is a certified mindful leader, yoga instructor & soil advocate who is on a mission to help women regenerate their health. Through her 15+ year hormone healing journey she has overcome PCOS, autoimmunity, mold toxicity, acne, and gut dysbiosis by approaching health from the ground up. She is a California native passionate about the state of the planet & helping heal the collective.
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Logan Hailey

Logan is a vivacious ecological farmer turned nomad-writer-food educator. She travels full time in an off-grid school bus, learning and teaching about regenerative agriculture and holistic living everywhere she goes. Through healing from her struggles with mental health, eating disorders, and chronic lung disease, Logan has spent the past 7 years navigating how to live a natural life amongst a synthetic world. From the fields of organic farms to vast wildernesses to eco urban hubs, Logan's zest for holistic living spans topics of food, agriculture, soil, wild foraging, and eco-friendly van life. She holds a BS in Ecological Agriculture with a minor in Soil Science and widely publishes her work on various platforms.
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Kristyn Emmer

Kristyn is a rural/farm kid turned Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and soil advocate. I’ve always had a love for food and health and anything farm-to-table. But it took me moving across the ocean to realize that the soil holds the answers to our greatest issues of our time — specifically how the health of our soil is directly connected to the health of us! I live among the cornfields of Wisconsin with my husband, Seth, and son, Finan.