The Soil Collective - WELCOME!

Welcome to the Soil Collective!

We're on a mission - to save the soil, and in doing so save humanity at the same time.

We believe that human health and soil health cannot function separate, therefore we aim to educate and empower the collective on regenerative health and healing solutions.

We hope you find joy, peace and healing this Holiday season, and we can't wait for what's to come in 2022.

Kristyn, Logan and Nicole have a ton of episodes prepared for you, and hope you come along with us for the journey as we start to awaken the collective from the slumber we've been living in for quite some time.

Enjoy this trailer, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @thesoilcollective_


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The Soil Collective
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Kristyn Emmer

Kristyn is a Wisconsin Farm kid who moved to Scotland to find a love for the soil while becoming a certified functional medicine health coach. After battling an eating disorder and severe burnout in her teens and early 20's, Kristyn learned the importance of proper nourishment, which is why she is so passionate about health and nutrition. Kristyn is also a mom to an adventurous little boy named Finan and enjoys coaching and educating the collective on soil-health human-health connection. You can find her over on Instagram @emmerandearth.