EP 01: What is Regenerative? Where soil health & human health intersect

Welcome to The Soil Collective!

In this episode we lay the groundwork for what this podcast is all about. 

We dig into Kristyn, Logan, and Nicole’s unique but similar journeys into holistic healing and getting back to the soil.

We define regenerative agriculture as well as regenerative healthcare (hint: it’s definitely not gene therapies or stem cell treatments like google may have you think).  

Next, we talk about how conventional modern agriculture is destroying our soils with an arsenal of war-like machinery and chemicals put into play during the 1950’s Green Revolution (which wasn’t actually so “green”).

It turns out that the soil degradation we’re seeing today is shockingly similar to the soil destruction that catalyzed the collapse of many great civilizations. 

Then, we dive into SOLUTIONS, exploring the 5 core pillars of regenerative agriculture. Amazingly, the core principles of regenerating human health follow the exact same roadmap, culminating in a return to living with natural cycles, eating wholesome real food, and healing our bodies outside of the mainstream medical paradigm.

We hope this well help form a foundational understanding of what we're tackling and the abundance of hope we have for healing ourselves and the Earth! We end with some simple actionable items to dig in to regenerating your health today.

Happy New Year!

Mentioned in this episode:

‘Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations’ by David Montgomery (book)

‘Farmers of Forty Centuries’ by F.H. King (book)

Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web: https://www.soilfoodweb.com/about/ 

Kiss the Ground Soil Advocacy Training

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Kristyn is a Wisconsin Farm kid who moved to Scotland to find a love for the soil while becoming a certified functional medicine health coach. After battling an eating disorder and severe burnout in her teens and early 20's, Kristyn learned the importance of proper nourishment, which is why she is so passionate about health and nutrition. Kristyn is also a mom to an adventurous little boy named Finan and enjoys coaching and educating the collective on soil-health human-health connection. You can find her over on Instagram @emmerandearth.